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CINQ is a design studio and a consulting agency in New York.
About Us
CINQ is a design studio and a consulting agency in New York City that creates art direction, brand strategies, web design, e-commerce, social media strategies and brand identities.
CINQ is an international creative studio focused on executive research, brand incubation and consulting services for luxury, fashion, retail and innovation-driven companies.
We believe transformative ideas are built on the deepest truths of the brand.
We believe luxury goes beyond labels and has to do with aligning brand values to consumer values.
We believe the beauty of a campaign is just as important as the meaning behind the message when it comes to turning heads.
We believe the new dynamics in our industry require that brands think differently and create structures that are less stilted and more fluid, enabling brands to move more quickly and develop themselves as emerging leaders.
In the “find the truth” phase, CINQ performs a “brand truth” workshop, researching and identifying the core elements of the client’s brand. Once a consensus is reached, our creative studio helps the client to “act upon the truth” by bringing this new identity to life across all aspects of the brand.

Murielle Bourdette-Menaut

Fashion Designer & Consultant

Co-Founder of French Rebellion Showroom.

Julia Simon

Business & Sales Thinker

Co-Founder of Edite & French Rebellion Showroom.

Kira Alvarez

Wise Fashion Curator and Content Editor

Former Fashion Editor at Harper’s Bazaar Mexico.

Alexandre Plicque-Gurlitt

Art Director Thinker

Worked for Grey, DDB Paris, Publicis, Première Heure, Fred & Farid Luxe.

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